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This site lists the latest supplement discoveries to discuss with your physician that show great promise in both treating and possibly curing all kinds of diseases from the dealiest cancers to old age! It's YOUR Life... Fight for it!

New Treatment Discovered for Cancer Because of Covid-19?

Many patients who were terminally ill with deadly types of cancers got Covid-19 and were treated with Ivermectin which has now been shown to be an effective treatment for Covid-19 and some of those patients had total remissions of their deadly cancers like pancreatic, colon, stomach and prostate cancers.

Safe Supplement That Prevents Cancer From Metastasizing?

“We found that 4-methylumbelliferone (Cantabilene) was able to block a key signaling pathway that triggers the development, growth and metastasis of prostate cancer,” said Vinata B. Lokeshwar, Ph.D., professor of urology at the Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute. “The results were simply amazing.”

Feverfew Extract Kills Deadly Triple-Negative Lethal Breast Cancers

Feverfew, or wild chamomile, is an over-the-counter supplement that contains Parthenolide that attacks both cancer cells and cancer stem cells which no other cancer drug currently can do. Studies show it kills cancer stem cells in pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

Is Milk Thistle the Most Effective Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

Milk Thistle Extract is an over-the-counter supplement that contains Isosilybin B that not only kills prostate cancer cells but to causes total androgen receptor degradation in human prostate carcinoma cells! It may turn out that Isosilybin B in Milk Thistle Extract is the most effective killer of prostate cancer cells.

DMAE Induces Lucid Dreaming - Can Lucid Dreams Cure Diseases?

DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol) is the safest and most effective drug that will induce Lucid Dreaming and some researchers believe that Lucid Dreams may be able to treat certain diseases. Beware of Galantamine which does NOT induce Lucid Dreaming and is a drug to avoid. DMAE Induces Lucid Dreaming

Ashitaba Helps You Lose Weight, Live Longer & It Enlarges Your Nipples

Studies have shown that taking Ashitaba causes weight loss. Helps diabetics control their sugar level and it is used by mothers to increase their milk supply. If you want large nipples then this is the drug for you because it will dramatically enlarge nipple size in both men and women and the size of the areaolae (plural of areola).

Can Sexual Wiccan Rituals Also Help with Treating Depression?

People who practice Wicca, or "White Witchcraft," say it helped them in dealing with their own feelings of depression. The aspect of Wicca that might make it a useful tool in treating depression is it's strong use of fun rituals which is known to be helpful in treating depression and sexual dysfuntions. Read Article

Do You Want Much Larger, Harder & Longer Lasting Erections?

Cialis, Viagra, and Sildenafil can't hold a candle to Yohimbine from the bark of yohim trees in Africa. It can dramatically increase sexual desire and create Bigger, Stronger & Longer Lasting Erections. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and prescribed for sexual dysfunction and is available without prescription.