What is Curcumin

Why Does It Have Everyone Talking?

Our capsules contain our proprietary formulation developed with full spectrum Curcuminoids, whole plant extract and water soluble. Grown in artisan farming co-op in United States, our hemp is grown without pesticides or herbicides – using only organic fertilizers. Our harvesting and drying is done by hand to assure the best quality.






“A 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found Curcuminoids to possess the following medical properties:

  • Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Suppresses seizure activity
  • Combats psychosis disorders, inflammatory disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, tumor and cancer cells, anxiety and depression disorders.”

“Other possible effects of cannabinoids include:

  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Blocking cell growth
  • Preventing the growth of blood vessels that supply tumors
  • Antiviral activity
  • Relieving muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis”
- WebMD
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Why chooseCurcumin Capsules?

With over 20 years in the nutritional supplement space, BBB Labs uses the same stringent industry standards to research, develop, formulate and manufacture all of our Curcumin Products. Our vast experience in all aspects of creating high quality nutraceutical products is what led us to create the first truly bioavailable capsule for consistent, fast and complete absorption every time.

Curcumin Capsules Solve The Problems That These Commonly Purchased Delivery Methods Present

    Inconsistency in dosing, diarrhea, pricey
    Bad flavor, headaches
  • VAPE
    Unhealthy delivery system

An all-natural, vegan, consistent formulation that can be taken orally or dissolved in water.

Real People. Real Results.

“The sublingual oil is a bit strong for me and this could be because the radiation took away my salivary glands. Capsules seem to be the best way for me to ingest the product.”

Ronaids with after effects of Cancer

“I've had ZERO tics/spasms (I usually don't go a single day without a series of muscle spasms), plus my clarity of thought has increased substantially. I have had a couple of seizures, but this pales in comparison to my life with seizures before.”

Brandiaids with Epilepsy

“Day three... so far so good let's see. They are helping A LOT!”

Olgaaids with Fibromyalgia

“I developed a pain in my knee that was so severe I was sure it would require surgery. I tried the Curcumin and after a few days it was gone. I stopped taking the capsules and the pain has not come back. Now I’ve started taking them again to help me sleep.”